Build Your Character


For the purposes of character creation for this game players will need access to or a copy of the Tephra Core Rules.

Follow all character building instructions (pg 25) with these exceptions:

Step 1- Nationality is unimportant in this campaign and all races build as described with the exception of the Gnomes wherein the player must roll for their random trait before declaring their selected trait.

Step 2- No changes

Step 3- No changes

Step 4- No changes

Steps 5 – 7- Players select their armor and primary/secondary weapons at no cost. Players are given 150 princes to purchase any additional gear or weapon augments they so choose.


Augments are too many to be listed here, but can be found beginning on page 199 in the core rule book.

Each weapon or armor has three augment slots. Augments vary in price and while most only take up one slot, a few take up two. Select them carefully.

Step 8 – No changes

Step 9- All backgrounds are available for choice with the exception of Gambler. That option is available to any player character during the course of any “downtime.”

Step 10- No changes

Build Your Character

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