Hector Petrusian


Though born into a noble family, Hector Petrusian was orphaned at a very early age. Distant cousins and relatives competed desperately for his family’s wealth and it was not long until the lawyers and the bureaucrats bankrupted his once great family. With the money gone, his relatives no longer cared for his fate, and he ended up in an orphanage at the tender age of six, alone and abandoned by those he trusted and loved.

Stuck in a hateful system and abused by the staff in the orphanage who resented his noble name, Hector grew up to be a bitter, crude and selfish man. He ran away from the system at 16 and began using his immense size and strength to his advantage by working on the railroad. He’s grown up to be a practical and unpleasant man, who despises the hypocrisy of nobility and the pointlessness of proper behavior, though one with a resilient demeanor, a way with animals, and a never-say-die attitude.

He has one constant companion, his pet Vulture named Stranger. He is famed for his self-made and vicious looking hammer known as the Workman’s Maul.


Hector Petrusian

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